Welcome to Lincoln and Beyond! We are Alex and Lisa, the creators of this project. We are lucky enough to live here in Lincoln, and we are passionate about this city and its rural surroundings. Through this blog, we aim to help this amazing place get back on its feet, and ensure that anybody who comes here will love their time in Lincoln.

Alex Trembath in Lincoln


  • Special skills: communications strategy, writing, SEO
  • Favourite pub: The Cardinal’s Hat
  • Lincoln love: the Christmas market, there’s nothing like it

Grew up in Newark, travelled to 50 countries, now loving life in Lincoln. By profession a content specialist, with over a decade’s experience in developing strategies for non-profit membership organisations. Happiest when enjoying local and international cuts from The Cheese Society with a good glass of wine.


  • Special skills: brand development, marketing, design
  • Favourite pub: The Strugglers Inn
  • Lincoln love: walking out into the fields and seeing the cathedral from anywhere

Lincoln born and bred, moved to London for a time, but was always going to come back. A natural creative, an expert in communications and marketing strategy, and works for a professional sustainability body based here in the city. Happiest when tucking into good food with family and friends.

Lisa Pool in Lincoln


  • Special skills: chasing furry things, playing tug, being cute
  • Favourite pub: Horse & Groom
  • Lincoln love: making new friends, especially if they have treats

Part Dutch shepherd, part greyhound, part staffy (we think) – definite lurcher! A gentle and affectionate oaf. Joined the Lincoln and Beyond pack from a nearby rescue centre during lockdown, now part of the family. Happiest when playing chase with his red ball on Boultham Park. Will do anything for food. Has his very own Instagram account.

What do we love about Lincoln?

It’s hard to imagine how a place so full of history has flown so far under the radar. Here in Lincoln we have a cathedral that was the world’s tallest building for 250 years, a castle built by William the Conqueror, and one of the four surviving original copies of the Magna Carta.

At the same time, it has become a vibrant, modern city blending local traditions with international influences; you will find Lincolnshire butchers and cheese shops on one street, and Korean street food restaurants and Nepalese vegan cafés on the next.

And yet, so few people even know about this place. Visitors to the UK are far more likely to head to the likes of York, Bath or Edinburgh. As Bill Bryson said in his famous Notes from a Small Island, “Lincoln’s relative obscurity is something of a small miracle. It would be hard to think of a place with equal architectural majesty less known to outsiders”.

But the word is getting out, and we’re here to help.

Lincoln and Beyond is a place where we share our local knowledge on the city we call home. By providing insider tips, itinerary ideas and honest reviews, we want you to get the most out of your time here.

Coming to Lincoln after Covid

When we first had the idea to create this site, the world was a different place. The Covid pandemic was yet to impact all of our lives, and every year more people were coming to Lincoln. Now, of course, everything has changed.

So, while our overall mission hasn’t changed, in the times ahead we will have a special focus on bringing visitors back to the city, and helping the local tourism scene to get back on its feet.

A little more about our background

While we both hail from around this area, we haven’t always lived here. Lisa is originally from Lincoln, and Alex grew up down the road in Newark – so it’s a bit ironic that we didn’t meet until we had both moved away, and we were living in London and Manchester respectively. Fast-forward a few more years, and after working in London and taking a year out to travel the world together, we finally moved back to Lincoln together in 2019.

We began our foray into blogging a couple of years ago when we created Career Gappers, where we compile resources based on our experiences to help people take travel career breaks. Now, we’re harnessing everything we’ve learned through that project – and through our combined 25-odd years of professional communications and marketing experience – to shine a light on Lincoln.

Finally, we can’t leave without mentioning another very important member of our household: Regan the dog! He came into our lives during lockdown in 2020, and has brought a whirlwind of chaos and joy. So if you’re a dog lover yourself, keep your eyes peeled for his appearances on the site, and we’ll be writing plenty of articles about dog-friendly places and activities.

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you enjoy Lincoln as much as we do!