Lincoln is well connected and easy to reach from most major UK cities. The city’s transport links have vastly improved over recent decades as it has grown in popularity as a tourist destination and place to study. Here, we explain in brief how to get to Lincoln by train, bus, road or air.

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How to get to Lincoln by train

Travelling to Lincoln by train is one of the easiest and quickest options. The city is directly connected to London by rail, and the journey from King’s Cross station takes just a couple of hours. Lincoln Central railway station is located at the heart of the city centre, and within close walking distance of many attractions, shops, eateries and facilities.

We recommend using Trainline to find and book the cheapest train tickets to Lincoln. It’s our go-to because it’s quick and easy to use, and you can book securely.

The table below shows the approximate journey time to Lincoln by train from major cities in the UK:

CityTypical train journey time to Lincoln
London2 hours
Edinburgh4 hours
Cardiff4 hours 30 minutes
Birmingham2 hours 30 minutes
Manchester2 hours 30 minutes
Nottingham1 hour
Leeds2 hours
Sheffield1 hour 20 minutes

How to get to Lincoln by bus

Travelling to Lincoln by bus may take a little longer than train, but is usually a lot cheaper and so a good option if you’re looking to squeeze the pennies. If this is the case and you are travelling from London, Megabus is a compelling option as it provides the cheapest tickets you will find.

National Express is another option for bus transport, with services available from more cities around the UK.

Whichever service you use, the price will be cheaper the further you book ahead, so it’s best to plan in advance!

How to get to Lincoln by road

If you have your own transport, then getting to Lincoln by road is an easy option. You could also consider hiring some wheels; we use RentalCars to find the cheapest car hire options. As a guide, London to Lincoln is typically a three-hour drive.

If travelling from the south, come off the A1 at Newark and take the A46 to Lincoln. From the north, take the A57 exit near Retford.

From elsewhere in the Midlands, the A46 links Lincoln with Leicester on the route that was once the Fosse Way, the greatest of Roman roads. If you are arriving via Humberside Airport, you can get to Lincoln via the A15 in around 45 minutes.

How to get to Lincoln by air

If you are coming to Lincoln from further afield, flying is an option. Humberside Airport (45 mins drive away) and East Midlands Airport (1 hour 10 mins drive away) are nearby hubs for domestic and international flights.

Check out Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights for your trip to Lincoln.