Huttoft Beach, also known as Moggs Eye Beach, is a real jewel of Lincolnshire’s long and sandy coastline. Backed by grassy dunes and a long terrace car park, the beach is perfect for peaceful picnics, relaxing afternoons or as a base for walking and cycling along the coastal path. It’s also a rare gem that is a dog-friendly throughout the year, and so it’s an ideal spot to bring four-legged friends for a run-around on the spacious sand. We explain all you need to know in this quick guide to Huttoft beach.

Huttoft Beach: a quick overview

Huttoft Beach is located just a couple of kilometres north of Anderby Creek Beach, another of our favourite beaches in the area. These two beaches occupy the same stretch of sand that reaches all the way from Mablethorpe down to Skegness.

The defining feature of Huttoft Beach is its car terrace that stretches along the rear of the beach on the cusp of the sand dunes. It has room for 200 vehicles, and you can literally park up right next to the sand, step out and enjoy the view.

Typically, people park along the terrace and set up deck chairs and picnic tables in front of their vehicles looking out onto the sea. When the tide is out, the receding sea reveals a huge area of firm, flat sand, which is great for playing beach games.

This part of the Lincolnshire coast is beautifully quiet and rarely gets crowded. Even so, on summer days, it’s best to come early to make sure you get one of the car park slots on the terrace.

Huttoft / Moggs Eye Beach was picked out by the Guardian as one of the UK’s best wild beach walks. But even though the secret is getting out, it’s still usually a peaceful place, and the vast stretches of sand to either side of the main beach area mean there is always a quiet spot to be found.

Our guide to beaches in Lincolnshire picks out more of the best spots along this section of the coastline.

The car terrace at Huttoft Beach
The car terrace at Huttoft Beach looks straight out onto the sea

Huttoft village

The beach takes its name from the nearby village of Huttoft, nestled a couple of miles inland from the coast and home to just a few hundred people. It’s a tiny settlement dating back centuries, and this heritage can be seen today in some of its surviving buildings.

St Margaret’s Church still has a tower from the 13th century and a font from the 15th century. One-time Poet Laureate of England John Betjeman wrote about it in his poem entitled A Lincolnshire Church. Huttoft Windmill, built in the early 19th century, still stands in the village today and is a Grade II listed building.

When is the best time to visit Huttoft Beach?

We love Huttoft in the summer when we want to escape the crowds and find an alternative to Cleethorpes, Mablethorpe or Skegness. On warm weather days it’s a great beach to settle in for a few hours of relaxation with a book or some games on the sand.

On weekends at summer, try and turn up before midday to be sure of getting a parking space on the terrace. If you can head over on a weekday, you should find spaces at any time of day.

Lisa Regan Huttoft Moggs Eye
Huttoft / Moggs Eye Beach is one of our favourite spots on the coast to bring our dog Regan

Huttoft Beach facilities

Looking for the quick facts about Huttoft Beach? Here’s a snapshot of the essentials:

  • Car park with 200 spaces (open 10am–6pm all year round, charges apply 10am–5pm Good Friday to 31 October)
  • Direct access to the beach
  • Easy to reach from the coastal road
  • Huttoft Boatshed Café – new beach café opened in 2022
  • Toilet facilities outside the new café
  • Dog-friendly all year round
Huttoft Beach north
Huttoft Beach is family friendly and dog friendly

Is Huttoft Beach dog friendly?

Yes! This is what makes it one of our favourite spots to visit on the coast when the weather is nice. The beach welcomes dogs throughout the year, including the summer season.

For us, Huttoft Beach is second only to Saltfleet as our favourite beach for dogs in Lincolnshire. It gets Regan’s seal of approval!

Huttoft Car Terrace charges and restrictions

The car terrace that stretches along Huttoft Beach was free once upon a time, but in April 2022 some charges were introduced along with some vehicle restrictions.

Huttoft Car Terrace parking fees

Parking fees at Huttoft Car Terrace now apply from 10am to 5pm, from Good Friday to 31 October. Parking is still free all year round for disabled badge holders.

The charges are as follows:

  • Up to 1 hour: £1
  • Up to 2 hours: £2
  • Over 2 hours: £4

The easiest way to pay the charges is by using the APCOA Connect app, so it’s a good idea to download the app before you arrive. The location code for Huttoft Car Terrace is 1678, so once you’ve parked up you can enter this into the app and pay for the amount of time you need.

Alternatively, you can pay by phone – just call 01895 262 122 when you arrive.

Cars and motorhomes next to the dunes on Huttoft Car Terrace
New vehicle restrictions at Huttoft Car Terrace exclude motorhomes more than 6 metres long

Huttoft Car Terrace vehicle restrictions

In addition to parking fees, some new vehicle restrictions were also introduced in 2022. The following vehicle types are not permitted to park at the site:

  • Motorhomes more than 6 metres in length
  • Caravans
  • Trailers
  • Heavy goods vehicles

Huttoft Car Terrace operational hours

The car park at Huttoft Car Terrace stays open 365 days a year, and is operational from 10am to 6pm every day.

How to get to Huttoft Car Terrace

Huttoft Beach is one of the closest to the Lincolnshire coastal road, Roman Bank. If you’re driving along the coast just look out for the large signpost to Huttoft Car Terrace. A short dirt track then leads to a small incline up the dunes to the car terrace. You can turn and park to either the left or right.

The drive to Huttoft Beach from Lincoln takes about an hour and a quarter. When traffic is clear, the quickest route is to take the A158 through Wragby, then cross through the Lincolnshire Wolds via Belchford, and onto the coast via Alford. After passing through Huttoft village, Sea Lane leads all the way out to the car terrace.

Huttoft Moggs Eye Beach entrance above
At the entrance to Huttoft beach you can turn left or right onto the car terrace

Huttoft Boat Shed: a new beach café

A new café and visitor centre, the Boat Shed, was opened at Huttoft in April 2022 after receiving funding of nearly £500,000. The project has seen a disused old boat shed transformed into a space with refreshments, information, toilet facilities and pop-up food stalls in summer.

On the roof of the café there is also a terrace seating area with a lovely view of the sea. It’s a perfect spot to relax in the sunshine with a cuppa and cake after an hour or two on the beach!

Huttoft Boatshed Cafe
Huttoft Boatshed Café, a repurposed old boat shed, opened in April 2022
Huttoft Beach Cafe rooftop
The rooftop terrace at Huttoft Boatshed Café has a view of the sea over the dunes

Things to do near Huttoft Beach / Moggs Eye

Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary

Sometimes you will see beachgoers enjoying donkey rides along the sand at Huttoft. The animals are residents of Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary across in Huttoft village.

You can visit the sanctuary (dogs welcome too, on leads) at weekends and some midweek days depending on the time of year. See the sanctuary’s website for the latest opening times. A minimum £1 donation per visitor is advised, which supports the sanctuary’s upkeep.

Farmer Brown’s Ice Cream

On those hot summer days, ice cream by the beach is pretty much a necessity. Luckily, Huffoft village is home to Farmer Brown’s Ice Cream, where you can treat yourself to farm-fresh ice cream made with Lincolnshire-reader Holstein Friesian cow milk.

At the ice cream parlour you can also buy hot breakfasts, light lunches, coffee and cakes. A farm shop on site sells preserves, farm vegetables, plum bread and other fresh local produce.

Lincolnshire Coast Path and cycling

Huttoft Beach is one of many on the Lincolnshire coast interconnected by a new path stretching from Mablethorpe to Skegness. It is the latest coastal path section to be opened on a trail that will eventually extend around the entire coast of England.

A gentle walk up to Sandilands or down to Anderby Creek is a lovely way to enjoy the fresh sea air and the reams of golden sand lining this section of the coast.

Between Huttoft and Mablethorpe, the beach is also traced by a cycle path with glorious ocean views along its entirety. It is flat all the way, secure from the road and protected by concrete sea defences, so it makes for a great early morning ride or family biking afternoon.

Huttoft cycle path Moggs Eye Beach
Huttoft Beach is linked to Mablethorpe by a cycle path along the coast

Huttoft Beach camping

Staying overnight near Huttoft Beach gives you the chance to witness the amazing sunrises along this section of coast, and enjoy the beach when it is most peaceful in the early mornings and evenings.

There are a few campsites nearby you can try:

  • South Farm Caravan Park – we stayed here for a relaxing long August weekend. It’s walkable from the campsite to Sandilands and Huttoft beaches along a quiet little waterway. The site is lovely and quiet with good facilities. There are electric pitches available for tents, caravans and motorhomes.
  • Jolly Common Caravan Park – an adult-only campsite within a couple of kilometres of the beach, featuring a fishing lake. It is a family-run campsite that has been welcoming visitors for nearly 60 years.
  • Pear Tree Caravan and Camping – a small adult-only site with five caravan pitches and four tent pitches. It’s located a couple of kilometres inland from Huttoft Beach on a quiet country lane.
Wind farms from Moggs Eye
Wind Farms off the coast from Moggs Eye Beach

Are Huttoft and Moggs Eye Beach the same place?

This actually depends on who you ask! We’re not sure of the definitive answer, or even if there is one.

If you look on Google Maps, the two beaches appear to be separate, with Moggs Eye Beach sitting just below Huttoft Beach on the way down to Anderby Creek.

However, many sources describe the two beaches as alternative names for the same place. The Guardian article linked above, for example, cites “Moggs Eye (aka Huttoft Beach)”.

Whether they are the same beach or side-by-side beaches is essentially a bit of nitpicking. But if you’re a local or beach historian and happen to know the absolute answer to this, please do pipe up in the comments below!

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Huttoft Beach, also known as Moggs Eye Beach, is a hidden gem of the Lincolnshire coast. Our guide explains all you need to know. #huttoft #moggseye #lincolnshire #lincolnshirebeaches

14 thoughts on “Huttoft Beach / Moggs Eye Beach, Lincolnshire: all you need to know

  1. Phil says:

    Great article. Went there yesterday, there are now parking fees, vehicles longer than 6 metres not permitted and we were told height restrictions are to be introduced -1.75m – apparently.

    • Alex Trembath says:

      Thanks for your comment Phil, and glad to hear you liked the article! We’ve actually just been again to Huttoft today and had the same discovery about the parking fees. Will update the article this week to clarify that.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Just being told all about this place by a friend now after reading all about it we can’t wait to visit . Looks beautiful.

  3. Allison Bernard says:

    Looks fantastic I’m moving to Louth soon, and can’t wait to visit Moggs eye beach, we’ll all the beaches

    • Alex Trembath says:

      Oh you’ll love it in Louth! Lovely place to live. We’re doing a guide to Louth quite soon so look out for that 🙂

  4. Sue says:

    Are there any car parks that are open later than 6PM or can you park on the costal road or a car park on the costal road and walk to the beach. Reason long circular walks with dog

    • Alex Trembath says:

      Hi Sue, thanks for your comment. I’m not sure about directly next to Huttoft Beach, but it’s possible to park on the main road (Roman Bank) just a little further down at Anderby Creek. We have parked there before when the Anderby Creek car park has been full. Hope this helps!

  5. David Stokes says:

    I see a comment in 2022 that a height restriction was going to be imposed. Can you advise me whether there is now any height restriction please?

    • Alex Trembath says:

      Hi David, thanks for your comment! We’re not sure about this – according to the Lincolnshire County Council website, there currently isn’t a height restriction at Huttoft (whereas there is at Chapel Six Marshes, Marsh Yard and Wolla Bank). It can take time for the website to be updated though. It’s likely we’ll go to Huttoft ourselves at some point in the next few weeks so we’ll update the post with any news after that.

    • Alex Trembath says:

      Hi Ros, thank you for your comment! We’re not experts on fishing at all, so I can’t offer much advice on this. What I would say is that Huttoft is in the middle of a very long stretch of beach, and if you walk in either direction from the main car terrace area you will soon reach much quieter areas. We have often walked along the beach between Huttoft and Anderby Creek, and it’s usually lovely and quiet between the two.

  6. Jorja Le Gallienne says:

    Hi, Could you let me know if there are height restrictions at Moggs Eye now please? I see there was a mention of this last year.

    • Alex Trembath says:

      Hi Jorja, thanks for your comment. The latest information we have is that there is a height restriction of 1.95m at the Marsh Yard entrance to Moggs Eye Beach, but there is no restriction at Huttoft Car Terrace. We’re planning to head over there next month, so if we find anything different to this I will get back to you and update the article.

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