The Pyewipe Inn in Lincoln is one of those classic British waterside pubs. Perched above the bank of the serene Fossdyke Canal, its whitewashed facade and grassy beer garden make a welcome sight for anyone approaching. The half-hour canal walk to the pub is one of our favourite ways to spend summer Sundays, rewarded at the end with a cracking roast dinner and a pint of ale.

Whether you’re in Lincoln on a weekend trip or you’re local to the area, this gentle little jaunt makes for a highly satisfying day! In this five-minute guide, we explain how to do the Pyewipe Inn walk and what you can expect when you get there.

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Why we love the Pyewipe Inn Lincoln

Before we get into the details of the Pyewipe Inn walk, let’s talk about the pub itself. What makes it so special? Here are a few reasons why this is one of our favourite drinking holes around Lincoln.

It’s dog-friendly!

This is always a big bonus for us, as we don’t like leaving our boy at home if we can help it. Dogs are welcome in the bar at the Pyewipe Inn. We love taking Regan to the beer garden though – the wooden benches are nicely spaced out, so he has plenty of room while we’re eating and drinking. It’s one of our very favourite beer gardens in Lincoln.

The Pyewipe Inn Fossdyke Canal
The walk to the Pyewipe Inn is perfect on sunny summer days

Perfect for atmospheric dinners or outdoor Sunday lunches

The Pyewipe Inn has all the charming character you would associate with a family-run riverside pub in the British countryside. It’s been owned by the same family since it opened in the late 1990s, and they have continued to fine-tune and improve the menus over the years.

The food is generally classic English gastro-pub style, from burgers and baguettes to the likes of steak, fish and chips, belly pork, and a really good range of veggie options.

The spacious indoor restaurant has an atmospheric feel, with wooden beams on the ceilings, dark wooden floorboards, and plush, colourful seating. It’s just the right feel for an evening dinner, but if the sun is shining, we always opt for the beer garden.

And if it’s a Sunday… a roast is pretty much obligatory, right? The Pyewipe does a top-notch roast beef and Yorkshire pud. You’ll also find it listed in our guide to Sunday roasts in Lincoln.

Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding
A classic roast beef and Yorkshire pudding Sunday roast at the Pyewipe

It’s not far to walk from the city centre

Even if you’re just in Lincoln on a day trip, walking out to the Pyewipe doesn’t take too long and won’t encroach much on your itinerary. In fact, the stroll out along the canal for a pub lunch is a nice way to break up a day’s sightseeing.

The Fossdyke Canal: a quick background

The walking trail to the Pyewipe Inn from Lincoln runs along the Fossdyke Canal, which has played a long-standing role in the area’s history. It was originally built by the Romans to connect the city (then called Lindum Colonia) with the River Trent at Torksey.

Having served nearly 2,000 years as an important artery for navigation and transporting materials, the Fossdyke is still going strong, and is believed to be the oldest canal still in use in the UK. (If you like nerdy stuff like this, check out our collection of facts about Lincoln.)

Fossdyke Canal near Lincoln
The Fossdyke Canal was built by the Romans, and is one of the country’s oldest manmade waterways

Wildlife around the canal

A diverse ecosystem has developed around the canal, and you can encounter all sorts of wildlife along its banks. Swans, geese and ducks are always about on the water, while dragonflies and damselflies feed off the reeds.

Wildflowers begin blooming along the canal banks in spring, and reach their full potential around June/July. This makes it an especially nice walk at the height of summer, when butterflies are also in high season.

In the fields around the canal, you might even spot some deer. A few years ago a deer was actually rescued from the canal by a local resident after it fell into the water.

How to walk the canal trail to The Pyewipe Inn

The walk from Lincoln to the Pyewipe Inn only takes about half an hour. It never fails to amaze us how quickly you can transition from being in the heart of the city into glorious countryside around these parts! This is one the best walks in Lincoln for experiencing that and including a pub lunch too.

The best place to begin the walk is around the Brayford Waterfront. Specifically, the canal path begins at the west end of the pool where Brayford Way crosses over the bridge by the Horse & Groom pub. (Which, as it happens, is another awesome dog-friendly pub that serves delicious food.) You can walk under the bridge here and continue ahead along the path to Foss Bank.

Brayford waterfront bridge Lincoln
The Brayford Waterfront is the ideal starting point, from where the canal path heads west
Foss Bank Lincoln
After passing under the Brayford Way bridge, a narrow path continues until you join the Foss Bank

Continue walking by the water’s edge and you can’t go wrong. You will eventually reach the canal pathway after passing through some housing areas on the west side of the city. Boats are moored all along the canal here, and the route is decorated by trees and greenery.

Foss Bank by Charlesworth Street Lincoln
The canal pathway gradually enters the countryside and the surroundings become greener

Keep following the canal path as it opens out into the countryside. You will see the sprawling West Common to the right-hand side. After passing along this section, a small bridge leads on to the final stretch of the walk. Then it’s only a few more minutes straight along the canal before you reach the pub.

The Pyewipe Inn Lincoln river path
The welcome sight of the Pyewipe on the right-hand side of the canal trail just before the A46 passes over

Now all that’s left is to grab a table and enjoy some food and a drink, before walking it off back to the city!

The Pyewipe Inn walk map

Click on the map below to see the walking trail along the Fossdyke Canal from the Brayford Waterfront to the Pyewipe Inn:

Pyewipe Inn walk map

Alternative walking routes around the Pyewipe

The various waterways and public footpaths around Lincoln are neatly interconnected. This network of walking routes means there are many ways you can mix up your trail to take in more of the surrounding scenery. Here are three alternative walking routes that can be combined with a stop-off at the Pyewipe Inn:

The complete Fossdyke Canal trail to Saxilby

The Fossdyke Canal is around 18 kilometres long in its entirety, reaching all the way to the River Trent at Torksey. The walking trail along the canal from Lincoln stretches as far as Saxilby village, which is about 10 kilometres. If you continue past the Pyewipe Inn, you can also opt to stop off around the picturesque Burton Waters on the way.

At Saxilby, you can grab a drink at a traditional village pub like The Anglers before walking the return trail. Alternatively, if your legs are tired, you can take the ten-minute train ride back to Lincoln. For an overnight stay, Canal View B&B is a lovely family-run village guest house that has won awards for its excellent hospitality.

Fossdyke Canal path near A46 Lincoln
You can continue past the Pyewipe Inn on the canal trail all the way to Saxilby village

The N64 cycle route and Catchwater Drain

National Route 64 is a cycle route that connects Lincoln with Melton Mowbray. The route culminates at the Fossdyke Canal trail just a few steps away from the Pyewipe Inn at the A46 bridge.

This stretch of the N64 route doubles up as a walking path that connects with more public footpaths between Lincoln and Skellingthorpe. If you turn off the Fossdyke and walk along the N64, you can follow it up to Skellingthorpe village, or loop back to Lincoln via the Catchwater Drain trail. Check out our guide to the Catchwater Drain walk for more details.

N64 Cycle Route towards Lincoln
The N64 cycle route links the Fossdyke Canal trail with other public walkways in the area

The West Common

As mentioned above, the Fossdyke Canal trail traces along the edge of the West Common before reaching the Pyewipe Inn. The West Common is one of Lincoln’s largest green spaces, comprising over 100 hectares of grassland with grazing horses.

You can easily cross over onto the common from the canal trail. If you’re walking with dogs, this is a great option to let them stretch their legs a bit before continuing on to the pub. There are also some great profile views of Lincoln Cathedral from here.

West Common Lincoln
The West Common is one of Lincoln’s largest green spaces

Staying the night at The Pyewipe Inn Lincoln

To make a night of it after an evening meal, you can stay the night at the Pyewipe Inn Lodge. This separate building set back from the canal has 21 clean and spacious rooms. It’s also a great option for weekend breaks, as you can then walk the canal trail in and out of the city for sightseeing.

The Pyewipe Inn Lodge
You can stay overnight at the Pyewipe Lodge, located adjacent to the inn

How to get to The Pyewipe Inn by car

The Pyewipe Inn is easy to reach by road if you don’t fancy the walk. Driving from the city centre, follow Saxilby Road (the A57) and continue over the A46 roundabout. If you’re coming via the A46, then take the A57 towards Saxilby at this roundabout.

About half a kilometre after the roundabout, keep your eyes out on the left for a small turnoff signposted for the Pyewipe Inn. This narrow track leads through an open field before doubling back under the A46, where you emerge into the pub’s car park.

Pyewipe Inn car park
There is ample space in the pub’s car park

Have you done the Pyewipe Inn walk before? Let us know in the comments below.

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    You used to be able to pay a pound to Park at the Pyewipe Inn and walk into Lincoln.
    Recently when I went I was told now it is all private parking. You can only park if patron.
    Burton waters is all private parking. So, a nice shortish walk to Lincoln and return is unavailable.

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